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tv   News  ABC  August 9, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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summer weather and nice pleasant weather to round off the week. let's talk about the traffic, here is tonya. not a bad morning. a few incident. before we get to that we will look at 95 on the southwest side. 95, knot of 195, traffic building in both directions. heavier southbound to the left. no incidents to report. find out to bwi. 95 northbound, between 212 and 198. an accident reported there. 50 westbound at the bay bridge. we have some debris, that's in the left lane. the u.s. stock market opens in four hours. the bigger story evolved with the global markets. futures not looking so good, trading begins on this tuesday. sherrie johnson is live tracking the new information from overnight from asia. all new this morning, global markets dropped overnight in response to yesterday's terrible day on
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wall street. axe markets fell due to fears about the weak economy and continuing massive selloff on wall street. yesterday was brutal. the dow closed at lowest level in 10 months, the 634 point plunge was the 6th biggest drop ever. we seen 12 days of drops from the dow. this is more than $2 trillion lost for the average investor, this means $16,000 erased from their 401k plans. yesterday sp downgraded freddie mac and fannie may, this could mean higher direction rates. there are calls -- interest rates. there are calls for treasury secretary to resign. >> congress ultimately owns the credit rate ing ing of the unite. >> the federal reserve meets today and focus on the plan to boost economic growth and
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prevent a double recession. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. what has the controversial debt ceiling agreement, sp's credit downgrade, and the stock market shocked under the approval rating, not much. according to a opinion research poll conducted, the president's overall approval rating is at 44%, nearly identical to the 45% given in the last two polls which were taken in july and early august. new surveillance video on a mississippi attorney says is a racially motivated beating and killing. this is shot outside of a mississippi motel. white teens beat james craig anderson unconscious. and a 18 year old ran over him with his truck. the prosecutor charged edmond with murder i. prosecutors say 7 teens drive 15 15 miles to the black neighborhood specifically to assault an
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african american. mother of a murder victim has a violent outburst when her son's killer is sentenced. smith was sentenced to life in prison but has a possibility of patrol. that upset the mother. smith stole her son's smart phone and shot him. smith apologized and the family argued that he deserved a second chance. birds recovering after getting stuck inside the grill of a woman's car. she went to bed and woke up the next morning and heard chirping. that was the birds. she called the fire department. within ten minutes they freed the parrot. it was a parrot. he is expected to be fine. that's what he said. >> what am i going to do with a ant eater? i have cats. >> look how cute this guy this.
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one family ran across the ant eater in the front yard. the family was relieved to hear from the opener, she escaped from a usda license facility that raises animals for zoos. she has a scratch on her leg but going to be fine. >> i would invite you to go to take a look at the good morning maryland clips. i think it's so cute. >> the nose or the tail? >> the whole package. stay with us. we will tell you about a heart breaking story with a happy ending for imagine lovers,. how long this dog was locked in a car before someone came to its rescue. from beer and mud to probably a little blood. why a seer of games you won't see in the olympics are fun.
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firefighters rescued a dog after the animal spent 90 minutes in a hot car. the dog's owner thought a cracked window and a bowl of water would keep the animal cool. you can see the dog was in there for a while. the interior temperature of the jeep was 135 degrees. crews were able to pop the lock of the door and rescue the dog. the owner returned a half app how after the rescue to chairman the animal, no word in the owner will have to pay for the rescue. talking about teach is getting stuff ready. jim mc graph is in arundel, getting his classroom ready. i was proud to meet him this weekend. he put his steeler's banner up in a arundel county classroom. what is up with that? 72 this monning in baltimore and easton.
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76 packs river. the radar coming up, it's back in to the mountains this morning, watch the clouds filling in. take our temperatures up independent to the upper 80s by lunchtime. reaching 2-degree guarantee of 91, slipping through the 80s, showers and strong storms. nothing severe this afternoon. beyond that, that should come to an end this evening and tonight. second half of the workweek, nicer. wait until you see the forecast in a moment. i like yellow and black. does that make it okay. 50 westbound at the bay bridge, our debris in the road is gone. you don't have to worry about that. 695 wilkins, heavier traffic jutter loop to the right, inner loop fine, no problems to report there. an accident reported 95 northbound, between 212 and 198, heading up between the beltways. not causing a problem. you should be okay.
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inside the beltway, no problems to report. fort mc henry tunnel is clear. harbor is clear. 795 southbound is fine. check this out, london next summer, see swimming, gymnastics, running and basketball. what about wife carrying or toilet seat horseshoes? welcome to the red neck olympics. these take place in maine. a draw of a few hundred people every year. if the trucks respect your thing, you can -- aren't your thing you can do the tire beer trot. >> tough run to the ends, through the tires. the people at the red neck olympics agree, london has nothing on them. >> 20 minutes away from 6:00.
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criminal charges now being filed for dominique strauss- kahn. what his victim is asking a court to do to the former chairman. police want you to be on your best behavior on the road. if you are not, they are going to get you. the new technology helping them catch bad drivers. >3>3>
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police are cracking down on aggressive drivers this week, part of the smooth operator program. this morning, linda so is live with how new technology is helping troopers crack down on bad drivers. >> charlie it's called mobile plate hunter software, zooms in on license plates with the help of cameras, police are using the technology to catch aggressive and illegal drivers. troopers on patrol use mounted cameras and the software to zoom in on the drivers. technology is helping police turn up stolen cars and crack down on distracted driving.
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if you are confronted, try to get out of the way, don't challenge them, and do not make eye contact. >> it leads to roads rage. one person cuts one person off, maybe by accident using a cell phone, the next person gets agitated and drives in front and a chain reaction. >> reporter: troopers will be out all this week cracking down on aggressive drivers as part of the smooth operator program. if you see an aggressive driver, call pound 77 on your cell phone. a television news crew caught a two car crash as it happened yesterday morning on 95 near dc. take a look at the right side of your screen. see the white car going from one side of the highway to the other crossing four lanes of traffic. dark colored vehicle got caught up in the action, police say luckily no one was hurt. we learned that ten maryland transportation authority recruits have been
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thrown out after officials caught them cheating. authorities say 8 recruit were train for the police force and two training to be the maryland transit administration police officers there. the remaining 27 class ebb members are continuing the training. the union says the state made the correct call. we still don't know the real identity of the infamous db cooper. fbi compared the dna on the 1971 hijacking from the family of a woman who claims her uncle was the db cooper. it wasn't a match. there was dna from three people on the tie. they are not sure if any of them are coopers. a hotel maid who accuse essex imf boss strauss-kahn is suing him. he faces a difficult recovery and left her violated humiliated and degraded. he pleaded not guilty to the
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chag of attempted -- charges of attempted rape. prosecutors discovered facts casting doubt on the accuser's credibility. he is due in curet for criminal charges this month. nasa is bringing future forum series to the college park campus. space agency will hold the first future forum of the year thursday. it brings nasa astronauts, scientistses and engineers together with local state and federal officials discussing how space exploration ben benefits the economy and exploration. stephanie blake will celebrate the completion of work of the bridge. i started last year funded by the government. it happening this morning at 10:00 on argon drive. anthony brown will visit johns hopkins to encourage you
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to donate bloods. it's needed in the summer months as supplies are down due to the lack of donations. he will speak at 10:30 this morning. if you want fresh foods, go to pikesville. the farmers market will be open today. this is the office depo parking lot. the market feature as variety of familiars offering fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers and baked goodies. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> we look at the almanac and notice temperatures pulling back a little bit. normally 66 in the morning. 86 in to the afternoon. the record splits here 53, 1989. back in the hot decade of the 30s, another record showing up and that heat weave of 101
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101 wave of 101. trailing frontal boundary on in through the nation's heartland helping to bring in a fresh air mass. see the action shaping up during the overnight. spin through the great lakes and the area of low pressure, pushing along this frontal boundary, through the mid atlantic and we got a line of rain in towards the mountains, more that generates throughout the day. that will help to ignite the showers and storms and as that does swing through to the area, we will get our best shot during the afternoon and evening hours. behind it cooler and drier and we will step back in to the cooler weather, pleasantly cooler for the ends of the week. little bit closer and highlight the fact that wild we were watching the radars light up across the mountain, they may break up east, getting the clouds out of them and clouds
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expected throughout the day today. little bit muggy and breeze picks up this afternoon, notice doughnut hole, our future radar, computer model indicating the fact there maybe rain locked up and the energy with the area of low pressure passing through the north. frontal boundary to the mountains and winds across the mountains dry things out a little bit. finally the push. we really get our best shot afternoon through the evening to get a line of storms to push through metro baltimore. all of us something today. how much and will you get to it last on the eastern shore. may break up to the east. shot of rain and bringing in cooler weather and isolated showers tomorrow afternoon and nicer for the rest of the week. 91, 2-degree guarantee. 80s during the afternoon. few hours with periods of rainfall and rumbles of thunder. nothing severe to be expected. settling down to 69. hot day tomorrow at 90. lows in the low to mid-60s. high of 84 thursday.
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83 sunny on friday. we are doing great right now if you are traveling 70 eastbound, columbia pike, no problems to report or incidents in your way. bellway doing fine. 695 liberty. traffic building in both directions. nothing in your way other than the construction. you are doing okay. inside the beltway, fine. pg county, 95 northbound, that accident is over on the left shoulder. shouldn't have to worry about that. 50 westbound at the bay, that debris is clear. a somber day for your country as troops will be coming home. >> update on when they will arrive and who will be on the grounds to meet them. . with an am birse plan and 100 -- ambitious plan and 100 miles to go, the woman attempting to swim between cuba and florida. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone
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five things you need to
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know. remains of the 30 military members killed in last weekend's helicopter attack will arrive home today at dover air force base, 22 were navy seals. president obama will head to virginia to introduce standards set to start in 2014 and will save businesses billions in fuel costs reduce oil consumption. lightbulb vigil will be held. putting members on the spot. ravens agreed to terms with
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ricky williams. the rushed 673 yards. williams will play behind ray. attempt to swim between cuba and florida is over. he was vomiting and pulled from the water after jumping in the water sunday. it was the 61 year old's second attempt to make the attempt of 103 miles. bad accident on california highways leaves three dead. you are up early, if you are smoking how this may increase your chance of getting other illnesses. and a creative way to get water to east africa. details coming up. you are watching good morning maryland.
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if you are planning to go out with friends, police want you to be careful. men is targeting groups of women at gunpoint. >> sp tipped off traders to a downgrade. a look at what banking executives are saying this morning, coming up. if you want to be paramedic in baltimore city, you will have to be trained somewhere else. the program has been shutdown. it's tuesday , the 9th of august, thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charlie krauss. monday was a great day weather wise. >> good morning, you said it was a great day. let's look. we held off the showers, it looked threatening at times. looking north, northeast from the maryland science center. the world trade center. looked like showers trying to drop out of pa. the sun in the late afternoon, evening hours, that's


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